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Easy to use

Convenient content navigation allows you to switch to any section in a matter of seconds. You can also check your progress and correct mistakes if necessary.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Everything that you need to learn new material or prepare for important exams fits on a flash-drive, which is always at hand wherever you are – at home, in a café or on travel.

Learning becomes an adventure

Complicated objects and phenomena, such as cosmic bodies, nuclear reactions, climate processes or high-tech machinery, are presented in a form of exciting interactive simulators. While interacting with them, you can investigate the laws of nature, make scientific discoveries and explore the world around us.

Transparent educational process

Intelligent agent captures every action of a child: how fast he/she responds, what tips uses and how confidently takes up challenging assignments. With this data, the system develops child’s psychological profile and highlights the main features of his/her character, which helps to develop them harmoniously in the future.

Your own tutor

Pedagogical agent provides a complicated hint system that helps a child to achieve the goal – understand the subject. Even when a teacher is not around, the system will try to explain all aspects of the studied subject to a child, in order for him/her to cope with the task successfully.

Always aware of your child's progress

With the built-in monitoring system you can always check on your child’s progress by visiting the appropriate site on the Internet. In addition, the system allows you to set up automatic SMS notification that will inform you about your child’s marks. No more waiting for the next parent-teacher meeting - all the information about the successes and problems of a pupil is available on your phone.

Knowledge as a system

All the knowledge, skills and competences are presented as a system of interconnected blocks. It gives an opportunity to construct individual learning paths in order to form a certain class of professionals. In addition, the built-in monitoring system displays all the "gaps" in knowledge of studied disciplines on a map. You can quickly take action to help the child.

Modern laboratory available to everyone

Interactive models, designed with the use of the latest graphics technologies, make it possible to conduct visual experiments in any school subject. This does not only increase children's interest in learning, but also provides an opportunity to conduct experiments that would be impossible in an ordinary school lab.

Creative approach to teaching

Our system offers a vast collection of lessons on 17 subjects of school curriculum, developed in collaboration with honored teachers of the Russian Federation. While preparing for lessons, teachers can benefit from a simple and convenient tool that helps to pick interactive models to illustrate a particular concept, arrange them in a correct sequence and easily run during the lesson.

Striving for the goal

Intelligent expert system, integrated in interactive simulators, increases complexity of exercises gradually, encouraging a child to acquire new knowledge. Learning becomes a competition, and a student plunges deeper and deeper into the investigated topic, without even noticing it.

Intellectual school
(Educational content - System - Monitoring)

The latest innovative product:

  • Modern computer and pedagogic interactive educational technologies that ensure learning results
  • Systematic presentation of the secondary school educational material on existing computer models
  • Intelligent expert system that helps a student when there are difficulties in learning
  • Identification of an individual learning goal and systematic movement toward this goal on the knowledge and skills map
  • Individual learning path, clear goal setting and goal-tracking during the learning process
  • Automatic daily monitoring of learning outcomes, prompt adjustment of the learning path
  • Integrated technology of knowledge representation and manipulation.

The product consists of:

  • “Jet”- a collection of educational content presented in a form of interactive models and exercises
  • “Eyes” monitoring system
  • “Enter” learning process management system

Intelligent textbooks are based on the technology of interactive computer models simulating objects studied at school. Models are equipped with intelligent response system that reacts to student’s actions, goal-setting and goal-tracking system, and a feedback mechanism for adjustment of the learning process. Intelligent textbooks are a perfect supplement to the traditional educational system, providing guaranteed results. Intelligent textbooks comply with educational standards of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Assist students in receiving quality education, regardless of their place of residence, age, status, and the learning environment
  • Assist students in learning a standard school curriculum
  • Estimate student’s progress in learning curriculum subjects and provide him/her with an individually-tailored help when problems are detected
  • Assist teachers in conducting successful classes at school by means of new teaching information technology
  • Additional development of student's abilities to the level set in accordance with life plans

The project is a target intelligent interactive learning system using:

  • Interactive models that perform flexible response to student’s actions during the learning process
  • Intelligent expert systems performing flexible response to student’s skills and knowledge level
  • Systematized educational content

The project is designed to support learning process, covering the object of study (curriculum standard), and the subject of study (learning results monitoring).

The version includes:

  • Individual learning paths construction block
  • Class gradebook
  • Learning paths graphical tracking system
  • Student and teacher monitoring systems
  • System of forming of administrative inquiries about results and learning results analyses
  • Portfolio management block
  • Block of access to the online version of monitoring
  • Lesson construction system
  • Collection of educational content
  • Knowledge and skills maps that systematize material and learning results.